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If you would like to submit your poem for consideration for poem of the month/quarter/year please post it here...all rights are retained by the author and by posting your poem you are giving express permission for it to be posted on this site.  Occasionally, I will select a poem from the submissions to read during one of my live appearances, so please place your name and home state that you can receive full credit of your work....enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"What Is Love"



                                             (A Villanelle Poem)

Born from ideas that had faith in intent, but limited vision.

Moving boldly forward, with the recklessness of a storm astray.

Finding shameful verdicts in its journey, that prompts altering decisions.


How long will your house stand, as you separate from your religion?

No authority have stood true, regardless of its roots or desired embrace.

Born from ideas that had faith, in its intent, but limited vision.


What will you claim differently that will refute your destined collision?

Who shall be your redeemer as you claim victory even in error’s trough?

Finding shameful verdicts in its journey, that prompts altering decisions.


You learned that the masses are to be led and without permission.

Your saber has lain to rest many souls that your path be cleared.

Born from the ideas that had faith in intent, but limited vision.


Wisdom has found its way that amends have seeped into some incisions.

Long will be the road that places your throne above reproach.

Finding shameful verdicts in its journey, that prompts altering decisions.


As you struggle to justify your performance where truth sits in judgment,

Allow your hands to be opened wide that your life lines can be seen clear.

Born from the ideas that had faith in intent, but limited vision.

Finding shameful verdicts in its journey, that prompts altering decisions©





MasterPoet Charliewang

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Welcome!  This venture is dedicated to promoting the works of Master Poet Charles W. Felder, Sr. It is hoped that the message of love, wisdom and versatility be experienced by all that dare offer an ear or eye.  When one earns the title "Master Poet," there is an expectancy of artistic innovation and above top shelf input and creativity.  That mission is accomplished with ease when the spirit is the guide to the journey.  "A Season of Poetry," is a Cd of poetry and has been set to music and is now available for your listening  pleasure.  Thanks for the many kind and optimistic words that ensures that this venture will be a success.  The track  "WHAT IS LOVE" is the promotional track from the Cd.  The lyrics are displayed on the Home page .  Also click the second player to hear the sample tracks of the Cd.  Again thanks for the support from around the world!!!

"Conversations From The Wishing Well" will be released soon across the globe. A book of poetry depicting versatility and will capture the soul and mind in blissful prose.



Born Charles Wayne Felder, nicknamed "Charliewang" at an early age, completed high school while in the Marine Corp and was a proud member of the Marine Corps "Silent Drill Team" at Marine Barracks 8th & I, performing special military drill functions for the White House and its dignitaries and the general public. Later secured a degree in Business  from Darton College, Albany, GA and attended Albany State University, Albany Ga.  As an entrepreneur, time is divided between running a successful business and following the love for poetry as it presents itself

The seed was planted at a very young age to become a Master Poet. At age 17, without warning, the writing became matter of fact until thirty years later. Indoctrination back to poetry was a slow process consummating in the late nineties with public appearances and the beginning of putting poetry on paper for publication. Recent completion of a poetry Cd titled A SEASON OF POETRY has captured the attention of the public commanding personal appearances and readings. Appearances during 2004 in New York, New York, St Louis, MO, Montgomery, AL, Spartanburg, SC and Atlanta, GA are some of the areas toured and have earned raved reviews. During a presentation to an English Literature class of Dr. Tim Askew, Professor at Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA, tagged his accomplishments in poetry to be great as, if not greater than, those of Langston Hughes. Discovering the world to be the canvas of words many subject areas are broached and eloquently put to poise. 

Other accomplishments include but not limited to working with troubled male youth of Alabama as a Drill Instructor for the State of Alabama and instrumental in the establishment of the Alabama Boot Camp Program; as well as, serving as personal mentor to several young men in the city of Montgomery, AL, having established a venue for providing training for young men interested in floor installation and maintenance. A member of Toast Masters International ( "Tun Tavern" 1980-1982); holder of a Black Belt in Martial Arts and an avid chess player.

The love of poetry is well established as an anointed and appointed way of life and will serve as an avenue that the public will share. Each season will provide new nuances from the heart and mind of one Master Poet determined and focused on leaving a legacy.


Your comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment and sign the guestbook and email list. 

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